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Pope Francis is going to Lund, Sweden the 31st of October 2016 for a joint ecumenical commemoration of the start of the Reformation, Catholic Herald reports.

The Pope will be accompanied by Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and representatives of other Churches. The one day event is a result of the joint document and strategy made by Catholics and Lutherans called: “From Conflict to Communion“.

In 1947, the Lutheran World Federation was founded in Lund, Sweden.
The LWF is approaching the Reformation anniversary in a spirit of ecumenical accountability…I’m carried by the profound conviction that by working towards reconciliation between Lutherans and Catholics, we are working towards justice, peace and reconciliation in a world torn apart by conflict and violence.” says LWF General Secretary Rev. Dr Martin Junge.

Church of Sweden Archbishop Antje Jackelén confirms: “We shall pray together with the entire ecumenical family in Sweden that the commemoration will contribute to Christian unity in our country and throughout the world.

This should be a great reason of concern for protestants, that Jesuit Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church is coming to commemorate the Reformation anniversary of Protestantism, 499 years after Martin Luther put up the 95 thesis on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. This is a warm up for the 500 year anniversary a year later.

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