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At the time when I’ve read your experience “Imprisoned to Witness” one sentence moved me from my comfort zone and I decided to go to visit a catholic friend who had bad motorcycle accident. I did not wanted to do that because of the fears I had from the hospital and because I had no money to go that far just for a visit. But reading through what you’ve been and how you ministered in prison I knew that God will help me to do something for this man also. …And having in mind the following you wrote: “I would rather trade the presence of sunshine where I can enjoy life, ministering to someone’s needs in the shadow.” I was able to see that man putting his hands alone in prayer for the first time in his life after couple of days being in the hospital reading him from the Bible and writing him Bible verses which how he said, give him more strength to fight with the pain he had… So after going through a lot of difficulties I know that it was worth the sacrifice. And for the quote from Ellen White you put in the same article ”It is in unselfish ministry that true happiness is found.” (Ellen G. White, 7T p.49) I can say indeed it is! Thank you for empowering me for a mission and Thanks God for the experience he gave me after reading yours.

Vesna Macedonia
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