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I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes, because I am so touched to see how God is leading you and Joakim to do mighty things for God in this generation. THE WORLD NEEDS JESUS SO DESPERATELY. Therefore it makes me so happy & thrills my heart to see, how God is at work in you and your ministry. May Jesus Christ always be lifted high. And thanks again humble, but in God, strong servants for letting you be led by him. BLESSINGS to you preachers and leaders and every listener….Thank you Christian for this very well presented message. God is using you in profound, powerful ways for his glory & people´s salvation. I just want to conclude with an: “Amen, brother, preach it in the days to come too, as boldly and wonderfully charismaticly as you did here. From the bottom of my heart: ‘You young people is a reeeaaall inspiration – God always direct your paths and lives/You always cling close to him too is my sincere prayer. AMEEENNN!!!!!!!’

Solveig Denmark

I remember when I was 12 years old, in my first meeting with Jesus, I went to a lecture about the book of Revelation. Through this book I got to know Jesus better, and learned more of his love and care for each of our lives. But still I didn’t have this personal experience with Him. Thanks to Empower Missions, because through your sermons like “Fishermen’s Reform“, I understood that I am not only a viewer, but actively I am to be a part of the plan of salvation, working with Him and for Him. Not only for me, but that others will be blessed like I have. I also learned that our faith needs to mature every day for taking decisions because the throne in our heart cannot be divided. Knowing that every day it affects us when making decisions, the sermon “An Undivided Throne” was another blessing for my personal life. God bless you!

Minodora Romania

I learn bunches of things from your webpage, and it strengthens my faith alone with my God…I print some copies and bring them back home to my families to read as well…I would like to thank you for this Empower Missions project that will keep us up to date with the latest news. Am impressed and happy that we can have access to these types of information. Keep up the good work, God will bless you. Every day I spend half an hour or more to read the news from Empower Missions website.

Roselyn Vanuatu (South Pacific Ocean)

As a young graduated, many important choices are ahead. As a christian scientist, I face challenges and some doubts in my everyday life. I often wanted to take my own decision but my life was still empty. I recently had an opportunity for a volunteering project in environment in Togo. This time, I really wanted to clearly know the will of God for my life. I discovered The sermons ‘An outworking of his will‘ and ‘How to know God’s will for Your life” on the Empower Missions website and it inspired me to experience a praying, individually. As I was fasting, I received the call for a full-time job that will enable me to pay all the fees that I will have for my volunteering project to Togo. I think that God wants me to make a difference in people’s life and in my hometown as well. I feel really thankful to God for the Empowers Missions ministry that has a positive impact on my faith and helping me in my journey with God.

Floraline France

I really want to thank you Joakim for teaching us how to give meaningful bible studies. You have through God given me a tool to experience true happiness by sharing Gods truth to my friends

Fredrik Sweden

“Thanks for the weekend, it was good. Now I want to read as much as I can of Ellen G White’s books :D. Keep up the good work, you are doing great things!”
Some weeks later:
“I did start reading the History of Redemption, it lifts me up spiritually. and that’s what I need at the moment the most.  God bless”

Dovile Iceland

It’s been more than a year, I think, since I’ve heard you preaching about the 3 C’s to Revival. But still remember them… Confession + Conversion = Connection

Vesna Macedonia

I watched yesterday’s sermon and I really enjoy it. It was exactly what I needed.

Cristina Romania

Joakim has been a blessing to me in many ways. The messages I have heard him share have helped me to understand the Word of God better. But what has impressed me the most has been to first-hand see his passion to help people understand God better through personal Bible Studies.

Lars Denmark

When I was 16 my great goal in life was to become a professional cross country skier. For some time I was exercising so heavily that my coach said I did it way too much. All spare time and all my money was used to gratify my own desire, a desire to become best. In this time Joakim Hjortland asked me to join a Bible Study group. I said yes. I was gripped by the messages, which were clear and solid Adventist messages in line with the church’s beliefs. I decided to read my until then unused Bible. God’s word is like a two-edged sword. My desire to become best, was cut off, and replaced with an earnest desire to do God’s will and serve other people as Jesus did. Half a year later, I was baptized in the faith of Christ and became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Daniel Norway
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