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Amen for this message because some of us we were just playing without knowing that the world is going to the end.


I can see The Holy Spirit guiding you. I pray for your Ministry, for you and for your families. Please continue with your efforts to bring light to the world through your web ministry – There are lots of young persons hungry for the Spiritual truth in the word of God to reach.

L.L. Mexico

Thank you for your ministry and the blessing it is and continues to be. Thank you for continually pointing us to Jesus and back to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.

B.C. United States

Thank you Christian for the time you spent with us! I hope God continues to guide your ministry because it’s really good all the knowledge you are sharing.

Student Portugal

Christian, Praise the Lord for your ministry and the time spent here teaching us! I have learned a lot, thank you! Courage in the Lord!

F.G Brazil

I’m truly blessed for all the things that I learnt during this week! Thank you very much! May God send the Holy Spirit upon you!

M.T Portugal

Thank you that you came to AFCOE. Thanks for your teaching and that you explained everything so well! May God bless you on your further way with Him!

I.T Germany

Christian, thank you for these classes on Revelation! It was very refreshing to me to go over these chapters one more time. May God bless you and your ministry.

T.S. Portugal

Thanks for taking your time to come here! It has been a true blessing, and has certainly created a greater desire in me to study Revelation more deeply. It was a pleasure getting to know you, I’m looking forward to meet you again, God willing. May He bless you and your ministry.

K.S Denmark

I have listened many times your lecture on how to know God’s will. The five keys have helped me a lot!

Lilian Brazil
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