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Revelation 13

Revelation 13 & Current Events

A Jesuit Pope, ecumenism, Donald Trump, changes in American politics, Protestants and Catholics joining hands 500 years after the Reformation. Join this three part study series, going through Revelation 13 verse by verse, in relation to current events in the world. Are you ready for the last conflict? 1. Two beasts Rising 2. Setting up a New…

trump catholics

Trump to Catholics: “I will Stand with You”

In a letter to the Catholic Leadership Conference, in Denver October 2016, Trump writes: “I look forward to working with these two respected leaders of the Catholic Church in America, their brother bishops, and Congress, on issues of critical importance to the Catholic Church and Catholics.” He continues to say: “I have a message for…

Picture of Pope Francis: Gabriel Sozzi, CC 3.0, remix

Pope and Lutheran Bishop Promotes Universalism

In an increasingly multicultural and pluralistic society where tolerance and broadmindedness are watchwords, it is easy for the Christian Church to slide over into religious pluralism. The Christian faith’s – and Jesus own – exclusive claim is degraded to a form of public religiosity in order “not to offend” people with other genuine beliefs or…

Pope Urges Inter-Religious Dialogue in Prayer Video

Pope Francis is the first Pope using video for his monthly prayer intentions. The prayer initiative, that started earlier this week, comes from the Jesuit-run global prayer network Apostleship of Prayer. [1] In the video you see a Buddhist, Catholic, Jew and Muslim, as Pope Francis is encouraging inter religious dialogue and Christian unity. The…

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