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Should Catholics and Protestants Unite?

October 31, 2017 isn’t just about Halloween. Ghosts, Dracula, and witches aside, this special date marks the 500-year anniversary of an event that altered the course of history. “Bang, bang, bang,” pounded the hammer of Augustinian monk Martin Luther as he nailed his famous “95 Theses on the Power of Indulgences” on the door of…

Pope Francis to visit Sweden for Reformation Commemoration

Pope Francis is going to Lund, Sweden the 31st of October 2016 for a joint ecumenical commemoration of the start of the Reformation, Catholic Herald reports. The Pope will be accompanied by Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and representatives of other Churches. The one day event is a result of the joint document and strategy made…

2017: Catholics and Protestants to Commemorate Reformation Anniversary

  Recommended Resources: Who is the Antichrist? | The Bride of Christ I recently visited Wittenberg where Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchton worked together. Posters are found in the whole city center. “Luther 2017, 500 years of Reformation.” Wittenberg is getting prepared by remodeling and gardening. It looks like a big happening will take place. There…

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