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Revelation 13 & Current Events

A Jesuit Pope, ecumenism, Donald Trump, changes in American politics, Protestants and Catholics joining hands 500 years after the Reformation. Join this three part study series, going through Revelation 13 verse by verse, in relation to current events in the world. Are you ready for the last conflict? 1. Two beasts Rising 2. Setting up a New…

Protestants join Together with the Pope

On Thursday 13/10 2016, Pope Francis met about one thousand pilgrims, mostly Lutherans, in the Vatican, preparing for the 500 years anniversary of the reformation. “What unites us is much more than what divides us!” Pope Francis said Thursday morning, followed by an applause. The pilgrims were gathered in Rome as part of ecumenical preparations…

Is it time to keep silent?

Is It Time to Keep Silent?

– Silence! It rang through the room. The message was clear. Yet, there were so many important things unsaid. There were so much you wanted to tell your classmates and the teacher. You tried to raise your hand, in hope that you could share a few of the experiences. – Now is not the time…

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