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Antichrist Roman Catholic Church - Bible, Daniel, Revelation

Antichrist Revealed

Who is the antichrist? What do you think of when you hear “antichrist”? For most Christians it is associated with something negative, as the word anti means against or in place of. Antichrist is something that is against Christ and what He stands for, and takes the place He should have. Antichrist will therefore also…

President Obama Commends Pope Francis’ Recent Encyclical

On June 18, Pope Francis delivered his encyclical on the environment. An encyclical is a papal letter addressed to all bishops of the Roman Catholic Church. But the pope addressed the message to “every person living on this planet”. This message talks about how we all need to improve the environment as our planet is…

Free Online Bible School

Click on the picture above to start the lessons Try out our free online Bible courses in 11 different languages, which have changed the lives of thousands! What does the future hold? What happens when you die? Why do good things happen to good people? If God is good, why is there so much suffering?…

Nytt Syn på livet, Bibelen

Nytt syn

Sorg, smerte, lidelse, ondskap, grusomhet, hykleri, korstog, forfølgelse, gå på vann, røde havet delt i to, skapt på 6 dager… og Bibelen skal liksom være sann? Et budskap fra en kjærlig Gud, et fredens evangelium? Ja, jeg skjønner godt at du lurer – jeg skjønner det veldig godt!  Men, i denne serien vil du oppdage…

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