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Your support and prayers helps us to continue to reach out, and to a greater extent.
You can give an individual or monthly gift.

Giving Opportunities

Our Current Financial Needs:

  • Expenses to continue the ministry, such as web, materials, advertisement, graphics, resources etc.
  • Supporting at least 1 full time volunteer.

Every donation will help – small or big. You can make a difference for eternity! Let us know if you wish to give for a specific purpose.

Individual Donation:

1. VISA, Mastercard (Paypal/Transferwise)

Click on the button above to donate. (If you donate from Norway or Sweden, please read below)

By using transferwise.com, we will receive more of the money you give (lesser administration fees, contrary to what Paypal charges). 
IBAN: NO44 9615 1133 042, Name: Christian Hjortland.

2. Bank transfer

Want to partner with us by giving a monthly donation?
We are looking for someone who regularly would want to support our work. Please use the form below. Note that this is not legally binding, you can quit any time.

Three steps to give monthly:

  1. Decide how much you can give per month.
  2. Register in the form below.
  3. Send your gift monthly.


Bank transfer
With this method, there will be no extra fees for us to receive your gift, on the following account numbers:
Norway: 96151133042
IBAN: NO44 9615 1133 042.  BIC: DNBANOKK
Sweden: SEB: 5368 02 814 39

Mark it “Empower Missions” and/or your wish where the money shall be used. Through bank transfer it is not always possible for us to find your contact information, to thank you personally, so we just want to thank you very much in advance, and to those who have been giving so far!

Empower Missions is a voluntary based movement. For this reason we are reliable on donations so that we may be able to keep ministering to others, as much as possible. We trust that God will provide.
If you appreciate the work we do, or feel impressed to support us, you may give a donation, or a regular monthly gift.

If you have problems donating please contact us.

Thank you very much and may God bless you!

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