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Revelation 13 – The World has Started to Wonder

A Jesuit Pope, ecumenism, changes in American politics, Protestants and Catholics joining hands 500 years after the Reformation… The fulfillment of the prophecies in Revelation 13 are unfolding before our eyes. Are you ready for the last conflict? Scripture: Revelation 13, Daniel 7, Matthew 26:52, Romans 5:3, Revelation 12:16-17. Matthew 24:24, Luke 4:7 Date and…

End Time Lessons in Daniel ch. 1-6

Discover how the historic chapters of Daniel give interesting lessons and insights to end time events. This presentation especially looks at Daniel 3 and 6 comparing with Revelation 13 and 14. “I have also spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions, and used similitudes, by the ministry of the prophets.” (Hosea 12:10) Scripture:…

The Truth Cast Down, but Restored!

Through history, antichrist has cast down Christ and the important truths we find in the Sanctuary – God’s Plan of Salvation. Discover what happened, and how God restored His truth. Scripture: Daniel 8, Revelation 13, Daniel 7 Date and place: November 21 2015, Light Channel, Denmark. Language: English Recommended Resources: Free Online Bible Studies |…

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