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Latter rain

Tip Toes of History – A Closer Look at the Last Day Events

We are a privileged generation, living in the last days of this earth’s history. Humanity entered into the time of the end in 1798. The last traceable time prophecy in the word of God brings us to 1844. Discover some key events of the last days revealed in the Sanctuary. Scripture: Revelation 13, Revelation 18, Daniel…

The Secret to Shake the World

Want to know the secret to shake the world? You can make an impact. Prayer is powerful! Scripture: Ephesians 3:20, Nehemiah, Daniel Speaker: Joakim Hjortland Date and place: June 26 2014, Bergen, Norway. Language: English Recommended Resources: Prayer request | Free Online Bible Course Ask a question

The Mystery of God

What is the Mystery of God, and when will it finish? Through these two lectures, you will learn the place it has in the great battle between God and satan. God will do something significant and most important through His people toward the end of the Great Controversy. He is waiting for His remnant people…

3 C’s to Revival

Before Jesus comes back, this world is in need of a great revival. There are some conditions that we need to fulfill before we can get revived. Christian is taking a look at these keys in connection with the latter rain. Scripture: Acts 3:19, Isaiah 57:15, Psalms 51:1-2,10, Joel 2:16, 23, Luke 18:18-24, Romans 6:4,…

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