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Daniel 2 – God is in Control

Daniel 2 – God is in Control

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Can we trust the Bible? Daniel chapter two outlines a prophecy about kingdoms that were to rise and fall over a time of 2500 years. God foretold the future, from ancient Babylon to a divided Europe, and the end of the world. Discover how amazingly it fits with history, and how God is in control!

Scripture: Daniel 2, 2 Timothy 3:16, Isaiah 46:9-10, 44:27-28, 45:1
Date and place: March 24 2015, Frankfurt, Germany. Recorded by AFCOE Europe.
Language: English
Recommended Resources: Prophecy class material, Can the Bible be trusted? – Free online Bible Course

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Speaker: Christian Hjortland

Christian is the Director for Empower Missions. He is a nurse, photographer and graphic designer, and has served as chaplain, bible worker, and guest teacher at several mission schools.

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