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2. An Outworking of His Will, How?

Learn some essential and practical lessons in order for God’s great and glorious plan for your life can become a reality. Part 1: An Outworking of His Will Part 3: An Outworking of His Will, How? 2 Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6, John 15:5, Revelation 3:15-16, Romans 7, Matthew 24:13, John 3, Hebrews 12:1-2, Psalms 46:10, Isaiah…

How To Give a Bible Study?

Learn practical and useful lessons on how you, yes you, can be involved in one of the most exciting and meaningful things a human being ever can be involved in. Scripture: John 3:3, 1 Peter 1:23, Rom 10:17, 13-14, Acts 8:26-40. Date and place: July 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark. Language: English Recommended Resources: Bible Study Resources:…

The Most Crucial Gift

Join us in an important Bible Study on the most essential spiritual gift, which is to play a key role in the time of the end. Don’t miss the second message, A Most Beautiful Treasure. Scripture: Luke 16:29-31, Acts 2:17-18, Ephesians 2:19-22, 4:11-16, 1 Corinthians 1:4-7, Revelation 12:17, 19:10. Date and place: July 2015, Copenhagen,…

1. An Outworking of His Will

God, what is your purpose for my life?  Discover that the God of our immense universe has a specific, beautiful and glorious plan for your life and be inspired by personal testimonies to make your life a simple outworking of His will. Part 2: An Outworking of His Will, How? Part 3: An Outworking of…

The Two Greats

If you had only one month left to live, how would you live your life? What are the only two things you can take with you to heaven? Discover which two things God wants to be the priority of your life and decide to live His abundant life, to live for what really matters –…

How to Know God’s Will for Your Life

We often need to ask the question: What is God’s will in this matter? In order to understand God’s will in smaller and bigger matters, we also need to ask ourselves the question: What is God’s all over purpose for me in this World? This lecture is basically taking a look at 5 keys to…

Hunting Christians

Are you a hunting Christian? You may start the video at 3:00 to skip some introduction. Date and Place: July 2013, Sibiu, Romania. Language: English/Romanian Recommended Resources: Free Online Bible Course Ask a question Want more from Empower Missions? Donate Subscribe

The Secret to Shake the World

Want to know the secret to shake the world? You can make an impact. Prayer is powerful! Scripture: Ephesians 3:20, Nehemiah, Daniel Speaker: Joakim Hjortland Date and place: June 26 2014, Bergen, Norway. Language: English Recommended Resources: Prayer request | Free Online Bible Course Ask a question Want more from Empower Missions? Donate Subscribe

Most Holy Present Truth

Through the Sanctuary, God’s master plan of salvation, we see how God has revealed important truths at the right time. What is Present Truth? The truths that we find in the Most Holy Place have an interesting link to the three angels messages in Revelation 14! Scripture: Genesis 2:16-17, 4:3-5, John 10:9-11, Psalms 77:14, Galatians…

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