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Empower Daily Reading Plan

Daily Reading Plan

All of us need a power source to function physically, but also spiritually. Christ is our true Power Source that longs to empower us every day through His Word. He, “the true Light which gives light to every man” (John 1:9), will empower us to become more like Him, day by day, and to be lights in this world.

Empower daily reading plan will help you to read the Bible in one year.

Do you want to get organized in reading through the Bible?

Download and print the empower daily reading plan for FREE, below:

1. Classical Edition
You can start anytime, and check off as you read.

2. Chapter Marking Edition
There are 1189 chapters in the Bible. Read on average 3,26 chapters per day, and mark the chapters you have read to keep track. You can start anytime, and choose the order.

3. Chronological Edition
According to historical research, this is found to be the order the events in the Bible occurred. You will get an exciting perspective as you read along! Check off as you read, to keep track.

Empower Daily Reading Bible Plan - Chapter Marking Edition

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Daily Reading Plan, SOP

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