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End Time Lessons in Daniel 3

See video on this topic here. When studying the book of Daniel, many people quickly want to go to the “meat”: Daniel 2, Daniel 7, Daniel 8, Daniel 11 and 12. Sure, this is exciting, and we should study these prophecies! However, the book of Daniel is much more than these prophetic chapters. It is…

Imprisoned to Witness

The last day was rough. My friend Joel Mellin and I had just been denied entry to Israel without a good argument, and had been transferred to a prison as we waited to get deported. This was not just a prison with the same standards as in Western European countries. The hygiene was bad, they…

Imprisoned but Free

It’s morning, and I pack the last things before I head out in the car to go to the bus. I check the time almost every minute. “I will probably get there right on time”, I said, hoping the driver would agree. “The bus is there!” the driver said, and I just missed it. We…

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