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Our vision is to enlighten, equip and empower individuals as well as churches, in this generation. Through life changing lectures, practical training, and media, we strive to spread the gospel by helping others to healthy and meaningful lives.

Topics include: Life, Health, Bible, Evangelism.

Empower Missions is run on a voluntary basis, with the base in Sweden, serving at various places around Europe and the world. It is run by the couple Susan and Christian Hjortland.

Christian Hjortland Christian Hjortland is founder of Empower Missions and is serving as Director. He is a nurse, graphic designer, photographer, and has served as chaplain, bible worker, as well as guest teacher at several mission schools. Christian is co-founder of the IMPACT movement which had its beginning in Norway. After getting trained at Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism, he became more passionate about sharing God’s word. His dream is to see the church revived, and to see Christ coming in this generation. He is serving in Empower Missions along with his wife Susan.




Doug Batchelor

I am pleased to recommend support for the new Ministry in Europe of Christian and Joakim Hjortland, Empower Missions (www.empowermissions.org).  I first met and got to know Christian as a dedicated Adventist when he attended the AFCOE program of Amazing Facts in California in late 2010.  Both Christian and his brother Joakim are instructors at AFCOE-Europe, and have recently established Empower Missions in Europe which seeks to empower, equip and help individuals as well as churches to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through practical training, lectures, and media.  Empower Missions is active around Europe and is dedicated to Adventist beliefs and values.  Joakim’s book on Ellen G. White, “A Prophet for This Generation:  A Call to Receive God’s Gift and Go Home” will soon be published.  Joakim is a member of the Board of the Norwegian Union of Seventh Day Adventists. We at Amazing Facts will be praying that the ministry of these young Adventist evangelists will rekindle the spirit of revival and reformation so necessary today.

Doug Batchelor President, Amazing Facts

I got to know Joakim and Christian during youth conferences and IMPACT mission trips. I do appreciate their love for Jesus and their commitment to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Their zeal for Jesus and his commission is truly inspiring and motivating. I really liked getting to know them and am very happy for their ministry.

Philipp Reiner Pastor, Austria

I have been working with both Christian and Joakim and it has been inspiring for me as a pastor. In spite of their young years, they have already gathered much valuable experience. Many churches can definitely be blessed by their energy and vision for the church in the end times. Both are gifted persons, but the best thing is that they would like to use their talents for the glory of God.

Bengt Fjellberg Pastor, Norway

It has been a pleasure for me as a SDA pastor to have worked together with the brothers Joakim and Christian Hjortland for a number of years in connection with youth work in Norway. Many individuals and churches have been blessed by their youthful optimism, and sincerity. Their love for Christ and their eagerness for the advancement of his Kingdom is evident in the way they conduct themselves both in word and action. It is evident that they both look forward to His soon return in glory.

Sven Arvid Gustavsen Pastor, Norway

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Amen for this message because some of us we were just playing without knowing that the world is going to the end.


I can see The Holy Spirit guiding you. I pray for your Ministry, for you and for your families. Please continue with your efforts to bring light to the world through your web ministry – There are lots of young persons hungry for the Spiritual truth in the word of God to reach.

L.L. Mexico

Thank you for your ministry and the blessing it is and continues to be. Thank you for continually pointing us to Jesus and back to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.

B.C. United States

Thank you Christian for the time you spent with us! I hope God continues to guide your ministry because it’s really good all the knowledge you are sharing.

Student Portugal

Christian, Praise the Lord for your ministry and the time spent here teaching us! I have learned a lot, thank you! Courage in the Lord!

F.G Brazil

I’m truly blessed for all the things that I learnt during this week! Thank you very much! May God send the Holy Spirit upon you!

M.T Portugal

Thank you that you came to AFCOE. Thanks for your teaching and that you explained everything so well! May God bless you on your further way with Him!

I.T Germany

Christian, thank you for these classes on Revelation! It was very refreshing to me to go over these chapters one more time. May God bless you and your ministry.

T.S. Portugal

Thanks for taking your time to come here! It has been a true blessing, and has certainly created a greater desire in me to study Revelation more deeply. It was a pleasure getting to know you, I’m looking forward to meet you again, God willing. May He bless you and your ministry.

K.S Denmark

I have listened many times your lecture on how to know God’s will. The five keys have helped me a lot!

Lilian Brazil

I just wanted to say I really appreciate the work you and your brother are doing. It is an encouragement to me to do more in spreading God’s word for the times we are living in. Not many men are willing to speak the truth, but we all need to hear it.


Thank you so much. I appreciate the work Empower Missions is doing. I continue to pray that God will bless the work of your hands abundantly. Wish you a blessed day and it has really been nice to meet you people of God. I will try to take it as a responsibility to share each and every piece of information you send to me with my Friends here in Uganda. God bless you

Kahirita Uganda

Empower Lund refreshed my soul, and inspired me to stay strong in Christ, and to share Him more with others!

Empower Lund Participant

I just wanted to write and say that Empower Missions and our work sharing GLOW tracts last week in Lund, Sweden was a much needed inspiration and spiritual breath of fresh air in my life! It was such a blessing to be surrounded by so many other fellow Christians that are on fire for Jesus and have an eye single for Him and His glory. It was so exciting to share Jesus’ love with the people of Sweden! I greatly appreciate the ministry that Empower Missions is doing, and I will be praying continually for their work as they go forward. I hope to be a part of that work again soon!

Lindsey United States

The Empower Missions’ newsletter you have been sending is blessing not only to me, but others I share it with. Our Sabbath church is also experiencing some spiritual blessings and growths in the past few months and thank you for being apart of this effort.

Daniel Kenya

Thank you so very much for spending these last 2 weeks here with us, teaching us about Revelation and such things! I Really enjoyed the classes!! I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and your ministry!

Talika GB

Empower Missions is a great tool to reach people with the most up to date and relevant information about what matters! I pray that God keeps giving you the motivation to keep it up. You make a difference!

Anastasia England

During the time you were here we had baptismal classes together and I thought it was very rewarding and a good preparation for the baptism.

Damaris Sweden

As I grew up as an atheist and never wanted anything to do with any kind of religion it was unthinkable to me that I would ever agree to receive a Bible study. Yet, I was so impressed by these young Christians that genuinely and earnestly sought to change the world to the better. They listened well and treated me with so much love and care. So I said yes to Joakim when he asked me to have a look at the Bible. I was resisting the day before and found some friendly excuse to not have to study with him and put him off to the next day. I hoped he would forget but he didn’t. So I gave up and thought I’d do him a favor as he was such a nice guy.  What I learned in that Bible study changed my life. Today I am a mission-minded believer in the Son of God and daily I give my life to the Lord. I desire to see the work of Empower Missions to continue that many more souls may be reached with the Good News of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So whatever the Lord puts on your heart to do to support these devoted men, please do it!

Jan Germany

Even though I’ve been raised in an Adventist family, I started to wander away from God at a quite early age. My friends had a very bad influence on me and brought me to listen to bad music, watching bad movies etc. My character became corrupted and I totally ignored the thought of a God for a long time. I was more pleased to just live my life like everyone else was doing. Slowly but surely God lead me back to him by putting big obstacles in my life, making me rethink everything and to rebuild my faith. Today I can surely say that there is a God! And I want especially thank Empower Missions for one of their presentations “An Undivided Throne”. Even though, I had at the point left my old life behind, I really could identify myself in the message preached, and I believe that the message will be ultimately relevant for the rest of my life. The sermon left me as well with a commitment to get baptized, which I am very glad for. I am very happy for the hard work which is put into upholding Empower Missions, and I’m sure that it will be a great tool for me to lead people to Christ.

Andros Sweden

I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes, because I am so touched to see how God is leading you and Joakim to do mighty things for God in this generation. THE WORLD NEEDS JESUS SO DESPERATELY. Therefore it makes me so happy & thrills my heart to see, how God is at work in you and your ministry. May Jesus Christ always be lifted high. And thanks again humble, but in God, strong servants for letting you be led by him. BLESSINGS to you preachers and leaders and every listener….Thank you Christian for this very well presented message. God is using you in profound, powerful ways for his glory & people´s salvation. I just want to conclude with an: “Amen, brother, preach it in the days to come too, as boldly and wonderfully charismaticly as you did here. From the bottom of my heart: ‘You young people is a reeeaaall inspiration – God always direct your paths and lives/You always cling close to him too is my sincere prayer. AMEEENNN!!!!!!!’

Solveig Denmark

I remember when I was 12 years old, in my first meeting with Jesus, I went to a lecture about the book of Revelation. Through this book I got to know Jesus better, and learned more of his love and care for each of our lives. But still I didn’t have this personal experience with Him. Thanks to Empower Missions, because through your sermons like “Fishermen’s Reform“, I understood that I am not only a viewer, but actively I am to be a part of the plan of salvation, working with Him and for Him. Not only for me, but that others will be blessed like I have. I also learned that our faith needs to mature every day for taking decisions because the throne in our heart cannot be divided. Knowing that every day it affects us when making decisions, the sermon “An Undivided Throne” was another blessing for my personal life. God bless you!

Minodora Romania

I learn bunches of things from your webpage, and it strengthens my faith alone with my God…I print some copies and bring them back home to my families to read as well…I would like to thank you for this Empower Missions project that will keep us up to date with the latest news. Am impressed and happy that we can have access to these types of information. Keep up the good work, God will bless you. Every day I spend half an hour or more to read the news from Empower Missions website.

Roselyn Vanuatu (South Pacific Ocean)

As a young graduated, many important choices are ahead. As a christian scientist, I face challenges and some doubts in my everyday life. I often wanted to take my own decision but my life was still empty. I recently had an opportunity for a volunteering project in environment in Togo. This time, I really wanted to clearly know the will of God for my life. I discovered The sermons ‘An outworking of his will‘ and ‘How to know God’s will for Your life” on the Empower Missions website and it inspired me to experience a praying, individually. As I was fasting, I received the call for a full-time job that will enable me to pay all the fees that I will have for my volunteering project to Togo. I think that God wants me to make a difference in people’s life and in my hometown as well. I feel really thankful to God for the Empowers Missions ministry that has a positive impact on my faith and helping me in my journey with God.

Floraline France

I really want to thank you Joakim for teaching us how to give meaningful bible studies. You have through God given me a tool to experience true happiness by sharing Gods truth to my friends

Fredrik Sweden

“Thanks for the weekend, it was good. Now I want to read as much as I can of Ellen G White’s books :D. Keep up the good work, you are doing great things!”
Some weeks later:
“I did start reading the History of Redemption, it lifts me up spiritually. and that’s what I need at the moment the most.  God bless”

Dovile Iceland

It’s been more than a year, I think, since I’ve heard you preaching about the 3 C’s to Revival. But still remember them… Confession + Conversion = Connection

Vesna Macedonia

I watched yesterday’s sermon and I really enjoy it. It was exactly what I needed.

Cristina Romania

Joakim has been a blessing to me in many ways. The messages I have heard him share have helped me to understand the Word of God better. But what has impressed me the most has been to first-hand see his passion to help people understand God better through personal Bible Studies.

Lars Denmark

When I was 16 my great goal in life was to become a professional cross country skier. For some time I was exercising so heavily that my coach said I did it way too much. All spare time and all my money was used to gratify my own desire, a desire to become best. In this time Joakim Hjortland asked me to join a Bible Study group. I said yes. I was gripped by the messages, which were clear and solid Adventist messages in line with the church’s beliefs. I decided to read my until then unused Bible. God’s word is like a two-edged sword. My desire to become best, was cut off, and replaced with an earnest desire to do God’s will and serve other people as Jesus did. Half a year later, I was baptized in the faith of Christ and became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Daniel Norway

At the time when I’ve read your experience “Imprisoned to Witness” one sentence moved me from my comfort zone and I decided to go to visit a catholic friend who had bad motorcycle accident. I did not wanted to do that because of the fears I had from the hospital and because I had no money to go that far just for a visit. But reading through what you’ve been and how you ministered in prison I knew that God will help me to do something for this man also. …And having in mind the following you wrote: “I would rather trade the presence of sunshine where I can enjoy life, ministering to someone’s needs in the shadow.” I was able to see that man putting his hands alone in prayer for the first time in his life after couple of days being in the hospital reading him from the Bible and writing him Bible verses which how he said, give him more strength to fight with the pain he had… So after going through a lot of difficulties I know that it was worth the sacrifice. And for the quote from Ellen White you put in the same article ”It is in unselfish ministry that true happiness is found.” (Ellen G. White, 7T p.49) I can say indeed it is! Thank you for empowering me for a mission and Thanks God for the experience he gave me after reading yours.

Vesna Macedonia

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