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Revelation 13 & Current Events

A Jesuit Pope, ecumenism, Donald Trump, changes in American politics, Protestants and Catholics joining hands 500 years after the Reformation. Join this three part study series, going through Revelation 13 verse by verse, in relation to current events in the world. Are you ready for the last conflict? 1. Two beasts Rising 2. Setting up a New…

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to be a part of a team, that actively seeks to help others living life to the fullest, taking the gospel and God’s end time message to the world? Empower Missions is run on a voluntary basis, and we want to not only take the message to the world, but to support and equip…

New recruitment: Empower Missions is Growing!

We are happy to announce that we have two new team members at Empower Missions! Get to know Joel and Ketil: Joel Mellin works as a Lecturer & Business Manager at Empower Missions. He has a master in physics and has also studied nutrition. Joel has served in areas from health and education to business….

IMPACT Örebro 2015 – Inspelningar

Här kan du lyssna till Christian Hjortlands möten som han hade på IMPACT Örebro 2015. Allra heligaste sanningen för vår tid En fiskares reform Effektiv personlig evangelisation Hur kan jag studera bibeln med andra? En odelad tron

empower lund 2016

GLOW in cooperation with Empower Missions are excited to present to you Empower Lund 2016! What is GLOW? The idea behind GLOW (an acronym for Giving Light to Our World) is to inspire Adventists to carry informative literature with them wherever they go and to share them as opportunities arose. It was voted by publishing…

Empowered Through 2015

Lots have happened the past year, and lives have been empowered as a result, which we are very happy for! Early 2015, Joakim Hjortland joined Empower Missions as associate director and speaker, and have since then been elected in the Board of the Norwegian Union of Seventh Day Adventists. He also just accepted a position…

Guds GPS – Upptäck helgedomens mysterier

En serie om helgedomen av Christian Hjortland. Gud har på ett fantastiskt sätt gett oss en GPS (God’s plan of Salvation) som beskriver hela frälsningsplanen, och viktiga grundpelare för våran tro. Sanningen blev nedkastad av antikrist, men återställd av Gud genom Hans folk. 1. Guds GPS – Helgedomen 2. Guds offerlam – världens räddning 3….

Book Release: A Prophet For This Generation

It is here! October 17, in connection with the General Conference’s worldwide Spirit of Prophecy Sabbath and the centennial of Ellen White’s death in 1915, we are excited to publish: “A Prophet for This Generation: A Call to Receive God’s Gift and Go Home”. It started the fall of 2012. Since then hundreds of hours…

IMPACT Copenhagen 2015

  The Recordings for IMPACT Copenhagen 2015 are now available. We hope you will be blessed! 1. The Two Greats If you had only one month left to live, how would you live your life? What are the only two things you can take with you to heaven? Discover which two things God wants to…

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