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500 Years of Reformation – Is the Protest over?

Short report from the mission trip called Empower Lund, during the reformation anniversary commemoration that started last year, and some words about the way forward.


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Speaker: Christian Hjortland

Christian is the Director for Empower Missions. He is a nurse, photographer and graphic designer, and has served as chaplain, bible worker, and guest teacher at several mission schools.

Joel Mellin
Speaker: Joel Mellin

Lecturer & Business Manager at Empower Missions. He has a master in physics and has also studied nutrition. Joel has served in areas from health and education to business. He went to a Bible school 2009 and then to Norway to work as a teacher. From 2013 he has worked as a meteorologist for the Swedish Television. During that time God made it possible for him to start a bakery and share the health message. His goal is to wake people up with the three angels messages and prepare them for the coming of Christ.

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